A Protein Revolution

Protein is needed, we all know that. Let me briefly explain for those of you that may not know what Protein is and does. Protein is a critical tool used in each and every part of the human body. Proteins help build dense bones, maintain healthy skin, and strong muscles. Proteins also help with cartilage and blood! Just like healthy fats and carbohydrates, Proteins are macronutrients. Meaning the body needs MASS amounts of it!

Now that I am done educating some a boring the shit out of most. Lets move on to the real reason for the Protein Revolution!

We are super busy people and choose to stay on top of what we eat and when we eat it. This is our life and how we live. Yours may be different, but I think we still can find the right box for you (more on that later). We work hard, then come home to take care of our 3 year old son and then go straight into our training. Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, HIIT, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowboarding to name a few. You will find us doing anything and everything doing during the time we have in-between our busy lives. These are reasons why WE enjoy awesome high Protein snacks throughout the day between meals.

The Protein Revolution is simply our take on killing complacency and not allowing the evil vending machine to take us down. So we thought we would offer an enlistment if you will, into our army against shitty snacks! We only eat the good stuff so we wouldn't offer anything but that to you!

Join The Protein Revolution today and know what it feels like to be 100% PWR'd every day!


Team PWRcrate